Homestar Runner Creators To Producer Two More Eggs for Disney XD

by AJ Adejare

The Homestar Runner creators Mike and Matt Chapman under the Brothers Chaps will create new web series cartoons for Disney XD.   Call Two More Eggs, the series will have 40 cartoon shorts designed to stream on their digital platform such as their Youtube Channel and Watch Disney XD.  The cartoons will come out every Tuesday with three launching as of yesterday (you can see the videos below).  The shorts will mix multiple animation mediums as well as live action to give each short a unique feel.

In a prepared statement, Marc Buhaj, Senior Vice President, Programming and General Manager, Disney XD, said the following:

“We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Matt and Mike whose proprietary style of comedy, characters and stories embody the Disney XD brand. By launching ‘Two More Eggs’ on our non-linear platforms, the shorts will be instantly available to viewers worldwide, introducing a line-up of new characters that will undoubtedly capture the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.”

Also in a prepared statement The Brothers Chaps stated:

“Disney’s support has allowed us to organically evolve these weird cartoons in exactly the way we imagined. We’ve worked on these shorts with the same autonomy as with our own ‘Homestar Runner’ cartoons, and it’s been tons of fun.”

Disney allowing The Brothers Chap to have freedom with Two More Eggs makes sense.  Not only are they working on Homestar Runner still (after a hiatus), but they worked on Gravity Falls as well as Star vs. The Forces of Evil all of which successful.  They probably are banking on them coming with another hit for their digital platforms with Two More Eggs.

Via Broadway World


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