Disney XD to Air Yo-Kai Watch Anime

by AJ Adejare

Yo-Kai Watch finally has a channel to premier on.  Reported by Kidscreen, Disney XD will show the Yo-Kai watch anime series starting in the fall.  The anime, a collaboration between Dentsu Entertainment USA, TV Tokyo and Level 5, adapts the video game of the same name.  The series will have 26 episodes and to coincide with the anime series, Hasbro will also have rights for the toyline for the property.  The game will also come out this Holiday season, published by Nintendo.

Yo-Kai Watch for some looks to be the next Pokemon with its collectible creatures and its phenomenon of grabbing hold of its domestic market, Japan.

Disney XD hosts a string of strong cartoons including the recently completed Phineas and Ferb as well as Gravity Fall. While some will argue on Naruto Shippuden not catching on with Disney XD, the violence as well as the hook for Naruto faded for the generation that would watch the series, sans its dedicated fans. Grabbing Yo-Kai watch can definitely help in retaining the kids in their seats if it captures their hearts.

Update: The trailer can be seen here:

Via Kidscreen


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