Sword Art Online II Shows how the Internet is still bad for women

by AJ Adejare

Catching up with Sword Art Online II, I finally got up to episode 11 “What it Means to Be Strong”.  In one part of the episode, Kirito and Sinon lay in a cave where a camera showed up recording for them.  Listening to the conversation, a somewhat sad statement  that’s true today came up.  The is the following transcribes a part of that dialogue.

Kirito: Shouldn’t you be worried who’s watchin’? I mean since I sora look like a girl, they might, you know, think you’re, you know.

Sinon: I don’t care.  They can think what they want.  The guys in this game are dorks.  If they think I’m gay at least they’ll stop hitting on me every five seconds.

Significantly depressing but true.  Coming from experience, and listening to those who experienced said harassment, many men tend to hit on girls online, and it becomes aggressive at certain times or places.  We’ve seen this style of harassment before, in fact, particularly in this season.  When Kirito first enters Gun Gala Online, he constantly gets cat called and hit on throughout his first time.

Of course Kirito, more occupied on other things (the mysterious killings) simply shuffles on quickly and didn’t have to get too aggressive.

It often times does not end up like said scenario.  Men can act more like jerks making it harder for women to play video games and event want to be online in general.  We see that transition for women in real life too, but I won’t dwell there as there’s enough info out there from qualified people to discuss about it, such as John Oliver who has a great video you can watch about women and online:

Under better circumstances, Sinon would just simply tell people she’s not interested and everyone would move on.  The fact that Sinon is okay with people labeling her as gay to stop men from hitting on her really shows how far .  Let’s hope we’re not drifting towards said future.


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