RWBY Season 3 enters Production

by AJ Adejare

Get ready to enter the world of Remnant again.  Rooster Teeth via Gray Haddock just announced that RWBY went into production.  The 3D animated series will have 12 episodes for the series.  Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna will act as co-writers working off the outlines from deceased creator Monty Oum.  Shawcross will accend to director of the series while Luna and Haddock will act as co-directors for the seres.  Haddock noted that the cast has already started dialog recordings with edits for the series already on its way.  He also talked about the work Warner Bros. Japan is doing with the localization of  RWBY (the website for Japan is here) including the voice cast for the four main characters (which you can see below) as well as how they are working to get a release date for the series in Japan:

Saori Hayami Ruby Rose
Yoko Hikasa Weiss Schnee
Yu Shimamura Blake Belladonna
Ami Koshimizu Yang Xiao Long

RWBY is a mainstay for the Rooster Teeth following gathering a great audience from both North America and abroad as well as creating enough impact to get localized in Japan.  The series has two season which are avaialbe at Rooster Teeth’s website, Youtube, and Crunchyroll.

Monty Oum, the creator and director of RWBY passed away earlier in the year from a coma induced by an allergic reaction.  The death shocked the fans as well as watcher of the series, which lead towards an outpour from the community to celebrate his life by doing something creative.

Via Rooster Teeth’s website


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