This is the nerdiest branded wedding cake topper to date

by AJ Adejare

Man do I need a drink of some Yuengling right now after seeing this cake topper.  Coming from reddit’s /r/gaming, chandz05 showed his cake topper for his upcoming wedding.  Needless to say it seems a bit detailed:

(Via Imgur)

We’ll save the more harmful image of the bride dragging the groom in a bit but look at the detail, I mean you could only see better detail with a Lenovo monitor.  Funny enough, the cake has a Lenovo monitor with a Batman Arkham Knight copy running on his computer and a Yuengling beer right next to him.  The mouse, although doesn’t have a brand on there, is almost akin to the Logitech mouses you see.  This topper screams nerd brand synergy that a marketer would absolutely love.

Now onto the topper itself.  I think a lot of people are right on this one, yes it does come off perpetuating negative stereotypes of women when it comes to gaming.  Yes, this picture does feel like branded advertising.  The bigger question is did the wife approve of this topper and sees it as a joke.  If she did, then hey, maybe they both have a sense of humor.  If not, then not only does it look bad, but man is it going to not be so funny when the in laws see it (never mind the implications of the topper itself).

With that said, I may look into Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment newest published title, sRocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight which comes out June 23 after its rave review by a lot of the gaming press.  As for this wedding, I hope to see some pictures of it.

Also, to get a sense of how you don’t sell out, watch this Wayne’s World Clip:

h/t to cait


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