Gawker Exposes Legal Obligations of Spiderman Characters in Movies

by AJ Adejare

(Via io9)

Gawker just uncovered from the Sony Hacks some of the stipulations of the contract.  Some of these stipulations include when he gets his powers and his character archetypes.  One of the bigger ones: Peter Parker cannot be gay.  In fact, looking at the contract, the stipulation for the says that no particular Spiderman cannot be gay unless shown in the comic books.  Also of note, Peter Parker is Caucasian and must retain himself being Caucasian for the movies.  While there are some legal ways to manipulate the presence, it seems that Marvel is set on maintaining status quo on the particular character Peter Parker but leaves some leeway for Marvel.

Off of the recent transferring of Spiderman to from Sony to Marvel, some hoped that Spiderman would become different as Miles Morales trended Twitter the night of the switch over.  It seems however from the document that Marvel is keen on maintaining status quo unless animated as this past season of Ultimate Spiderman proved.  With that said, the new Spiderman movie has no real date, but the animated series has a new season in 2016.

Via Bullet


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