We Bare Bears Gets Premier Date

by AJ Adejare

(Via Cartoon Brew)

Cartoon Network during the month of June produced a lot of new content, they show no signs of slowing down with new content in July as well.  We Bare Bears, a new animation series by Cartoon Network Studios, will premier on July 27.  The story has there bear brothers living in the Bay Area of California trying to integrate into human society. Chong, a Pixar and Illumination Entertainment alum, created the webcomic The Three Bare Bears for a year run and will now adapt the same characters for We Bare Bears.  The cast for the show follows:

Eric Edelstein Grizzly

Bobby Moynihan Panda

Demetri Martin Ice Bear Chong

Patton Oswalt Nom Nom

Charlyne Yi  Chloe

Jason Le Charlie

Chong is no stranger for TV as he won an Annie for “Toy Story of Terror!” the Holloween special for Toy Story.  When talking to Variety, he noted the following of the story, “The joke is that the bears are trying to fit into human society but they don’t really. People don’t freak out when they see these bears but they can’t deny that they are bears…The bears can’t hide it, they still have animal instincts, still want what bears want. In a way, that’s an analogy for our lives, our desire to fit in and a place to belong.”  You can get that sense by looking at a a couple of the promo videos which are below:

Via Animation Magazine and Cartoon Brew


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