Beyblade Gets New Season with New Features

by AJ Adejare

(Via Anime News Network)

The spinning top franchise recently announced that will have a new anime season.  Named Beyblade Burst, the series will have Pokemon’s Oriental Light and Magic animating the series with Katsuhito Akiyama as the director of the series.  Toshiaki Ōhashi will do the character designing and Hideki Sonoda, who wrote for Pokemon, will do the writing for the series.  While Nelvana handed some of the more recent Beyblade series, Sunlights will distribute the series to western markets as reported by Anime News Network.   The physical toy for the new Beyblade series will have new features such as NFC chips, the ability to upload data into the Bey Cloud, and a new “burst” feature that gives players the ability to destroy their opponents blades.

The franchise so far has seven seasons and two spin off seasons with Showgun Steel being the latest entry.  The franchise also is getting the movie treatment by Paramount, so it seems that we’ll still be able to LET IT RIP!

If you want to catch up on old Beyblade, you can see it on Hulu where you can look at the Bladebreaker’s rise to the top again in V-Force here. If you want to get excited you can watch the trailer below:

Via Anime News Network


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