Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets get a Trailer

by AJ Adejare

While Minions is about to come out, Illumination Entertainment has not stopped on production for their next movie.  The Scret Life of Pets just released it’s teaser trailer and it’s looks pretty good.  The Secret Life of pets is a team up movie having Max work with a new dog his owner brought home in Duke to stop a evil bunny named Snowball and his army of abandoned pets from attacking the happy owners of pets.   The cast includes a strong list of actors including Louis C.K, Kevin Heart, Lake Bell and Jenny Slate. Illumination scheduled the movie for February 12, 2016 but pushed it back to July 8, 2016 which shows how confident they are in the movie.  If the gifs are an insight into the movie, I don’t blame them one bit.  Here is the partial cast below as reported from Deadline and from the convenient Wikipedia page:

Max – Louis C.K.
Duke –  Eric Stonestreet
Snowball – Kevin Hart
Tiberius – Albert Brooks
Buddy – Hannibal Buress
Mel  – Bobby Moynihan
Chloe – Lake Bell
Max and Duke’s owner – Ellie Kemper
Gidget – Jenny Slate

Check out the trailer below:

Here are a couple of other gifs.

From Despicable Me’s Facebook Page


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