Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur gets a cast revamp

by AJ Adejare

(Via Cartoon Brew)

In an arguably fast change, Pixar has re-casted a bunch of their voice actors for the upcoming movie The Good Dinosaur.  Some of the more star studded cast members such as Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother and Judy Greer of Archer will not come to the movie.  Pixar will instead opt for the following cast:

Raymond Ochoa  Arlo the Apatosaurus

Jeffrey Wright       Poppa (Arlo’s father)

Steve Zahn           Thunderclap the pterodactyl

Marcus Scribner   Buck (Arlo’s brother)

Anna Paquin,        Ramsey

AJ Buckley            Nash

Sam Elliott             Butch

Jack Bright            Spot

Frances McDormand seems to be only person from the original cast to move on to the final production and will maintain her role as Arlo’s mother.  This move does not mark changes for the Good Dinosaur.  The original director Bob Peterson of Up got swapped for Peter Sohn while the script changed throughout the process of the production.  Sohn showed off the movie as well as character art for the movie in London talking about how The Good Dinosaur shows a coming of age movie with a boy and his dog archetype with the human (Spot) being the dog and Arlo being the boy.

We’ll cross our fingers for this movie to work out, in the mean time here is trailer:

Via Cartoon Brew and Empire


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