Rupert Murdoch leaves Simpsons producer 20th Century Fox

by AJ Adejare

Rupert Murdoch of both News Corporation and 20th Century Fox, is leaving the later.  CNBC reports that the 84 year old Murdoch will retire from the CEO position for the company.  Murdoch will pass on the command of 20th Century Fox to his 42 and 43 year old sons James and Lachlan Murdoch.  Investors are confident in the move signally that James knows the business of 20th Century and matured as a CEO after the BSkyB hacking BSkyB that made him leave BSkyB.

20th Century Fox holds a slew of animation IPs including the Simpsons Futurama, and Family Guy.  It also distributes movies such as Ice Age, the X-Men franchise, Power Rangers, and Planet of the Apes as well as formerly Stars Wars before Disney acquired Lucasfilms. Finally, it owns Fox News as reported by Vox.



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