Cartoon Network Details Powerpuff Girls Reboot

by AJ Adejare

Cartoon Network announced the resurrection of the Powerpuff Girls last year, and now they’re giving us an insight for the property’s development.  The Powerpuff girls will make their resurrected debut on Fall 2016 with Cartoon Network Studios animating it.

Notably absent is the creator of the show Craig McCracken as well as the original VA for the Powerpuff Girls.  Cartoon Network decided to take an alternative approach by having Amanda Leighton (Emma from ABC Family’s The Fosters) as Blossom, Kristen Li (Monsters University) as Bubbles, and Natalie Palamides (Amy from ABC’s pilot of Uncle Buck) as Buttercup.  Tom Kenny (Ice King in Adventure Time) is the major return as he sings up once again as the Narrator and The Mayor.

That’s why this tween from Tara Strong makes sense:

As well as Craig McCrackens:

On the production end Bob Boyle Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and Nick Jennings of Adventure Time will co produce this new series. In addition to the series’ resurrection they will produce a slew of merchandising for the property.  The franchise clocking in at $2.6 Billion Dollars (USD) will have books, toys and costumes for the upcoming release to co-inside with the animation.

While this scenario is all nice, we hold a major sense of skepticism on both ends.  While McCracken is a great producer, Wonder Over Yonder hasn’t been the smash hit compared to his predecessors, while we’ve seen what happens when you don’t bring on the original creator for series many times.  We will keep you updated, while keeping our skepticism high, as the property develops.

With that said, here are Vines Introducing the starts for the series:

Via Turner Pressroom

Update: Now added with Tara Strong and Craig McCracken’s statements.

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