Al Jean Drops Hints on Next Season of The Simpsons

by AJ Adejare

The Simpsons’ Executive Producer Al Jean recently sat down with Variety, talking about the series’ future, past, and present.  During the interview Jean spilled some secrets as to what to expect for the next season.  Jean said that one of the plotlessness for the series will have Homer and Marge legally separate.  The cause: Homer’s recently discovered narcolepsy.  Lena Dunham will guest star as well as some of her Girls’ colleagues. Spider Pig will make another cameo, and as confirmed by a lot people, Sideshow Bob will finally have is day and kill Bart (but it’s a Treehouse of Horror Episode).

On the same interview, Jean goes into details on why another movie won’t happen: Time intensity.  He felt that while creating the movie, too much time and energy focused on the movie while not a lot on the series itself.  So while a movie may come out, it would be akin to Sex in the City with it coming out after the series is done.

Via Variety and Seattle Pi


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