Ben 10 Reboot Comes out in the 2016/17 year

by AJ Adejare

Cartoon Network announced that they are rebooting the Ben 10 franchise.  The 9 year old franchise will have a new animated series coming out in the fall of 2016 with a 2017 North America release.  Returning the franchise is Man of Action for executive production while John Fang will come in as a supervising producer.  Cartoon Network Studios will do the animation for the series.  Shedding off the old series which include 4 animated series as well as multiple movies, Cartoon Network wants to take a fresh new spin for the franchise for kids.

In a released statement the  Cartoon Network Chief Content Officer Rob Sorcher said, “We decided it was time to introduce Ben to a new generation of kids…Ben 10 has been an overwhelming success story across all media platforms, and we know kids around the world will be eager to see the reinvention of this beloved character.”  The $4.5 Billion Dollars (USD) the series generated over the past near decade confirms it as the property span video games, toys, television, and clothing.  While people maybe skeptical of the reboot, the past series dredged on in story lines, and contains too much fractioning to maintain, so starting clean makes sense.  With that said, yea, more remakes!  Now, for his face provided by Animation World Network:

Via Turner Pressroom


2 thoughts on “Ben 10 Reboot Comes out in the 2016/17 year

  1. seriously?? A younger audience? Why do kids ruin everything, my social life (tablet down the bathtub) collage life (prank calling my lecturer) normal life (bieng the cute lovely bane of my existence)now my childhood….. Some miracle of birth, dont get me wrong i love kids but just look at the spiky haired punk brat they turned my 3rd (behind bugs bunny and john cena) childhood icon into….. Well at least mother voice (tara strong) is still his va right? Right?


    1. We don’t know about the voice yet. However it makes sense that Ben 10 would gear towards kids especially looking at the age range.


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