Apple’s 2015 WWDC for Animation and Graphic Novel Fans

by AJ Adejare

If you’re coming from the animation world, you may ask yourself: Why the heck are people so wound up about Apple’s press conference.  Doubly so if you think that the Apple hype is in bombardment.  However, think of WWDC like a mix between E3 and GDC.  A place where you can get announcements about new features as well as see the future of Apple.  Or, if you want to be blunt, it’s BUILD but for Apple.

OSX 10.11: El Captian will be the new name of the OS and it’s game is refinements.  New fonts will replace it, but it will have Windows 8 features such as split windows where you can have two windows side by side and scaled.   One big new feature: Metal.  The feature that is on iOS will now come to the Mac which should allow better graphical development for games.  Tim Sweeney, CEO and co-founder of Epic Games remarked at how powerful Metal is for gaming purposes, showing off a tech demo for Metal.

Via Ars Technica

iOS9:  iOS 9 strives to be more of an improvement rather than a full feature upgrade.  The new OS will have better battery life and improved Siri with Proactive (a Google Now clone) to improve the experience.  With that said, new features did come in the form of improved multitasking.  Multitasking will do akin to Samsung’s feature where you can preview new apps, and even have split screens for two apps such as web browsing and messaging at the same time.   iOS9 will be available for iPhones 4S and up, though be warned, it won’t be pretty on a 4S.

Watch OS 2: Have an Apple Watch and want more native apps?  Apple has your back with developers given a better SDK that allows them to build native apps on their watch.

(Via Engadget)

Apple Music: The long rumored streaming service from the Beats acquisition arrived to day in the form of Apple Music.  The service will be on all of Apple’s products as well as PC and Android (sorry Chrome and Windows Phone users). It will have Beats1, a 24/7 radio that will broadcast from NYC, LA and London, and a feature called Connect which will allow artist to connect (ahem) to their audience like social media with photos, videos and notes.  The killer aspect: $10 for one account and $15 for up to 6 accounts so you, as well as a whole bunch of your friends, can stream music up to less than $3 (USD) a month.

Swift:  It will now become 2.0 and go open source.  THIS IS HUGE!   For the longest time, having a coding language specific to Apple meant locked into Apple’s whim, but now that it’s open source, we should see more people dabbling in Swift and maybe even fully adopting Swift.  If you’re a Windows Phone fan you better be on the phone with Nadella telling him to throw that support with Windows 10 ASAP!  Same with Android.

Other notes:

Apple Maps will now get transit directions.

Homekit will now support more security systems and sensor manufacturers.

Apple Pay will now come to the UK and will support Square.

Pascodes have now gone from 4-6 digits, which can be a major drag if you happen to mess up the code.

So overall a bit more low key than Google I/O but still integral to Apple’s progression.  If you’re a fan that’s in the Apple Ecosystem, there’s very little for you to fret about. Likewise if you’re not in it, except for Swift going open source.

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