This is the Funimation Broadcast Dub Spring 2015 Class

by AJ Adejare

Hot off the feet of A-Kon Fuimation decided to drop what shows will be getting the Braodcast dub.  The shows are Heroic Legend of Arslan, Mikagura School Suite, Show by Rock!! and Ultimate Otaku Teacher.

Heroic Legend of Arslan:

Christopher Bevins will be the ADR Director for the dub and Jeremy Inman acting as assistant while ADR Engineer Domonique French will have assistance from Keven Ussery.  Funimation has went with an interesting choice of  Bonny Clinkenbeard as writer for the show.  The cast follows:

Aaron Dismuke Prince  Arslan

Ricco Fajardo               Daryun

Christopher R. Sabat   King Andragoras III

Stephanie Young         Queen Tahamenay

Cole Brown                  Vahriz

Jarrod Greene              Kishward

Kent Williams               Kharla

Mike McFarland           Narrator

Mikagura School Suite:

Veteran Sonny Strait will ADR Direct the show with Patrick Morphy coming in as ADR Engineering and Jamie Marchi acting as Lead Writer.  The cast follows:

Trina Nishimura     Asuhi
Sonny Strait          Bimii
Monica Rial           Eruna
Lara Woodhull       Himi
Apphia Yu              Katai
Bryn Apprill            Kurumi
Chris Rager           Kuzuryu
Josh Grelle            Sadamatsu
Jamie Marchi         Seisa
Ben Phillips            Shigure
Kristen McGuire     Yuriko
Micah Solusod       Yuto
Alexis Tipton          Mewmirin
Josh Grelle             Minatogawa

Show by Rock!!

(Via Famitsu)

The ADR director for the show is Caitlin Glass with Mike McFarland and Rachel Robinson as writers.  Interestingly, Brina Palencia and Vic Mignogna will be aiding in the lyrics for the broadcast dub, the cast is as followed:

Bryn Apprill             Cyan

Alexis Tipton           Chuchu

Caitlin Glass            Retoree

Monica Rial             Moa

Vic Mignogna          SYU☆ZO

Ricco Fajardo          Kai

Micah Solusad        Riku

Mike McFarland      Crow

Jerry Jewell             Aion

Ian Sinclair               Yaiba

Chris Sabat              Rom

Sonny Strait             Maple

Rachel Robinson      Angelica

Justin Cook              Strawberry Heart

Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Finally Ultimate Otaku Teacher will be getting a broadcast dub.   Peter Hawkinson will be the main ADR Engineer with Jeremy Woods being the assistant ADR Engineering.  Clint Bickham will be the lead writer and the ADR Director for the show will be Kyle Phillips.  Here’s the cast:

Anthony Bowling         Junichiro Kagami

Mikaela Krantz             Suzune Kagami

Sarah Wiedenheft        Minako Kanou

Jamie Marchi              Miho Kitou

Jad Saxton                  Koyomi Hiiragi


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