Wagnaria/Working gets third season

by AJ Adejare

The show NIS America brought this show over as Wagnaria follows the lives of working at the Wagnaria restaurant. The original voice cast will return for this third season as well as Shingo Adachi for character design and for music.  A-1 Pictures will now animate the series and Yumi Kamakura will direct the series.  The show will premiere on July 4 for the summer anime season.

Update June 14, 2015: A new character, Toru Minegishi, will have Koji Yusa as his voice actor.  The opening Now!! Gamble will be sung by Mahiru Inami Popura Taneshima, and Yachiyo Todoroki which are Saki Fujita, Kana Asumi, and Eri Kitamura respectively.  The ending Lock on Eyelashes (Matsuge ni Lock) will have characters Sota Takanashi, Jun Sato, and Hiromi Soma, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, and Hiroshi Kamiya respectively, as singers.  The character video as well as the a teaser clip are below:

Via Anime News Network 2


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