American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Kansas City Qualifier Overview

by AJ Adejare


(Via Ninja Warrior’s Twitter)

Last year we had qualifiers in Denver.  This year for Ninja Warrior transitioned from Denver to Kansas City.  Known for it’s Barbecue as well one of this writer’s hometowns, it’s right in the midwest (although they didn’t specify if it’s Kansas or Missouri, there’s a difference).  The heartland is called heart for a reason and man did the KC qualifiers NOT disappointed.

38 Completions (WOW)

1st Finisher Dennis Lappin

Fastest Finisher: Lorin Ball

0 Injuries

0 Disqualifications

3 Things We Learned

1. The WOLFPACK IS BACK!   All four Wolfpack members all made it through the qualifiers.  Heck yea!  It’s great when friends cheer on and when they all make it another

2. Heart matters, a lot.  While you can argue NBC played up a lot of the stories, it’s great for this city.  To me, the midwest is about heart and things such as Steven Moul getting cheered and Micahel Stanger completing was amazing.  These runs are what a part of the heartland is all about.  Putting you heart into everything and coming out.

3. Kansas City makes a mean barbecue and a mean course.  While a lot more people completed the course, make no mistake, this course was pretty difficult as it focused mostly on upper body.  If you didn’t have that and mental concentration, you were done, which a lot of people found out with a lack of movement on the Ring Toss.  With that said, remember, if you thought KC was easy, it may do a Denver and get ramped up for the Final qualifiers.


Annie, she was doing so well and it just doesn’t work out.  😦

Caitlin Shukwit didn’t make it but did well for her first run.


Steven Moul he didn’t make it but he was cheered on.

Michael Stanger completed the course for his wife.  Aww :’)

Other notes:

Paul Kasemir, Wolfpack, Megan Martin, all of them look as if they haven’t lost a damn step.  That’s great.

Speaking of which, Megan Martin got POM Crazy Healthy moment of the night.  She deserve it.  She helps to represent all of the women in that she wants to represent herself and be herself.  That’s cool and needed (funny enough I think NBC accidentally walked into that).

All of the people boards were finishes.  Amazing!

I’m glad for the modified Ring Toss.  Arguably it made it easier in that it acts as a monkey bar set up, but harder in that it alternated.  Great strike of balance.

Speaking of glad, kind of glad they moved from Denver to be honest.  It’s not like Denver’s a bad city, but altitude sickness can really reck you.

NBC really, REALLY wanted to make you cry.  Okay, so I may have shed a tear.

Finally, I lived in Kansas City  (Lee’s Summit to be exact) and now I’m glad that the city’s getting recognized.

Next stop, Houston

PS: Here’s the Sweepstakes Link


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