Thoughts about BookCon 2015

by AJ Adejare

  1. Book are always here.  They never left, and reading is never dying or dead.  People just don’t want to admit that there are so many mediums competiting for your attention that of course some people may drop one aspect of another.
  2. Old memories of properties can make an interesting experience.  Finding out that the Babysitters Club is getting a graphic novel adaption and seeing the R.L. Stine panel, it’s a humbling but at the same time shocking experience seeing how far the reach still is for these people especially since they were hot during my childhood.  Seeing stuff adapted from my childhood like the Goosebump stories made me feel old but at the same time happy that kids way younger than me also appreciate them.  I hope they appreciate their classics when they’re out.  It was also my sister’s first time of going to a convention and having her do all of the con stuffs including the pitfalls and pleasures made me reminisce about my first convention including when it was the pits and when it was awesome.  Overall, she, like me, won’t forget her first con, and I’m happy.
  3. Graphic novels have a surprisingly humble presences.  As it is Book Con, you expect al ot of books to roam the area.  You also expect graphic novels, comics, and manga to show up because of how popular they are.  Nope.  Graphic novels were represented ans well as comics but shockingly much of a manga show up except for name drops.  It makes sense as comics and the like are expanding demographics and people are realizing that the demographic is expanding. With that being said, it’s a bit of a downer since graphic novels are literature as well as comics.  Maybe since Comic-Con and the like are here and Book Con is relatively new, that most people just default there.
  4. On that note, it would be nice to see Viz Media bring a shoujo artists herer and talk about her stuff.  Yen Press brings out a set of light novels if they become popular.  Maybe even the Lumberjane’s crew could make an appearance and show some more representation.  I don’t want it to take over, but I would like a somewhat bigger presence.
  5. More mature settings can affect panel questions.  Going to panels such as Aziz Ansari as well as Jason Segal’s panel made me realize how important panel settings are.  When you just have a regular panel, having control of how things are asked, how panels conversations are delivered, you can create a more mature setting in that people ask pertinent questions, people want to have dialogues etc.  With that being said, mileage varies as you can sometimes see that setting wrecked pending on people.
  6. YouTubers are huge.  I know it’s stating the obvious but seeing it live gave me a whole new perspective.  When I was at the Vloggers to Authors panel, I literally saw energy that would equate to stardom just like at an anime convection.  It’s crazy, seeing girls scream (and loudly) at their favorite Youtubers was awesome (a bit annoying like any fandom being obnoxious) but ultimately good to see the enthusiasm. I bet Let’s Players and Twitch Streamers will see/already have the same experience when going to conventions.  No, YouTuber will not be a phase.
  7. A lot of women were around the show.  I would love to see the demographics for this show, but I would say about roughly half, if not more, are women.  That’s interesting to see as a person that goes to conventions.  Many times it seems to be more mixed and seems to lean more towards males then females.  Having women and girls run the floors of the convention is nice to see.
  8. With that being said, Comique-Con needs to happen.  Seeing this convention only proved to me that having conventions dedicated to women and giving them the space they need and should deserver will encourage more talking more questions and better diversity.  It may even make more men contentious of how their conventions are ran and how to make sure to cater towards an ever broadening demographic.
  9. ReedPop may have yet another hit convention on their hands.  Book-Con is awesome for everyone and if possible you should check it out if you have time.
  10. Readers are nerds/geeks/otaku too full stop.

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