Toonami Introduces App Sneak Peak with Intruder 2 IGPX DISC Info

by AJ Adejare

A slew of news on Toonami’s end came out at their Momo Con.  To a filled panel Toonami and Adult Swim announced a slew of information.  First Mitichiko and Hatchin as well as Akame Ga Kill will come to the block later this year.

Next, Toonami will produce an app.  The app will come out in the fall and features the ability to get the schedule as well as Tweet internally in the App.  Toonami News captured video of Toonami’s app.

The also showed off a sneak peek at The Intruder 2.  The Intruder 2 will get a prequel comic that will setup the TIE event for the October launch.  Some of the Intruder 2 was also captured by Toonami News:

A little short of #intruder2. Your welcome. #Toonami #momocon #momocon2015 #adultswim

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Finally, IGPX is getting a remaster.  The DVD released by Discoteck will have two versions the Japanese version and the Toonami edit using the best materials for the DVD possible.  Jose Argumedo will work on the audio for the DVD with Discotek.

Via Toonami News 1, 2 Jose Argumedo 1,2

PS: If you want it in image form, Andy Salcedo got your back:


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