Ian Jones-Quartey is leaving Steven Universe

by AJ Adejare

Through a series of tweets Ian Jones-Quartey, co-producer of Steven Universe, confirmed that today was his last day on the series via Twtter.  The posts follow:

Steven Universe will continue its second season, without Jones-Quartey but like the tweet said his presence will be felt throughout multiple episodes.  So far, the second season has 13 episodes produced, so it’s likely that he wrapped up the first half of the season.  However, he may transition to his own work, Lakewood Plaza Turbo.  Lakewood Plaza Turbo allegedly turned into a picked up pilot that’s scheduled to come out sometime in 2015, supposedly.  The pilot can be seen below:

Rebecca Sugar, alongside Cartoon Network have not commented on the matter.  Steven Universe will resume on June 15 with new episodes continuing the entire week of June 15.


2 thoughts on “Ian Jones-Quartey is leaving Steven Universe

    1. Sorry for taking too long for the response! Thanks for the heads up! If you want, you can drop us a tip about things in the future so we can know about it.


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