This is a Video Game Wedding, Zelda Style

by AJ Adejare

One of the most beautiful things happened in Honesdale, Pennsylvania: a wedding of to couples in love.  The major twist: it was Zelda theme.  The couple cosplayed as Zelda and Link and had their wedding in the video game store where they first met.  To continue the theme they had a reception featuring a Super Smash tourney.  Hopefully, there will be two couples that form from that tourney and continue the trend. You can see some footage of the wedding ceremony below:

While some people may irk at the scenario, I’m glad for them.  The wedding seems like two people doing something within their budget while unique to them.  The commenter Matthew Beasley on the source article absolutely nailed my thoughts: It’s the simple and meaningful weddings that show where real love lives in a marriage.

Via ABC 22


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