Beyblade May Become a Live Action Movie

by AJ Adejare

LET IT RIP!  Or that’s at least what Hasbro’s thinking with Beyblade for a live action series.  Deadline reports that the anime series designed to push toys may become an live action with Paramount at the helm.  The company, will attach Mary Parent’s studio Disruption Entertainment to the movie if made as the company attempts to gain success with their properties with the dismal failures of properties such as G.I Joe.  With that said, will they have the following song as their theme song?

I know people are skeptical of this happening and know that it maybe bad.  But damn it, I don’t care.  We’re getting a Beyblade movie, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Via Deadline


3 thoughts on “Beyblade May Become a Live Action Movie

    1. Oh my hopes are low as hell too, but at the end of the day, the fact that it’s being made, literally means that nothing is off the table for current Hollywood.

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