What is Nickelodean’s Make It Pop and What are they Trying to do With It

by AJ Adejare

I will admit, this is old news, but it is important.  Nickelodean currently wrapped a new show based on Korean Pop (K-Pop) called Make it Pop.  The show depicts three women of Asian desent forming a music group after auditioning for roles in their school’s rendition of Wizard of Oz.  The show took its inspiration from the recent K-pop trend as well as Nick wanting to diversify its portfolio and increase their profits after having slumping advertising revenue with kids.  The show has been out for months, but no word on how it’s doing, or even visible reruns.

We all know that this move is literally Big Time Rush 2.0.  When Nick started the boy band with Sony Music Entertainment, they were able to push the series to 74 episodes, beating Keenan and Kell, Drake and Josh, Sam and Cat, Victorious, and Zoey 101 as the third longest live action series from Nick (All That and iCarly have higher counts). They also got CDs, and tours out of it as well making it a multi-media property that raked in cash.  They’re going to do the same thing here with Make It Pop.  Instead of working on more animation pilots and then pushing them out to be multimedia properties (to be fair they’re finally attempting that with Welcome To The Wayne) they’re going for live action cash, which is somewhat cheaper to produce if you make it a music brand.

You can stream the entire first season here, and we will get back to you on it as well in the meantime, watch the trailer:

Via Bloomberg


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