Interview with Attack The Music

by AJ Adejare


One of the major events that happened at Anime Central this year is Syngery.  Hosted by Attack The Music, this dance concert featured multiple artists from Japan performing in front of the Anime Central crowd on Saturday, May 16.  When I saw them through the Crunchyroll live streaming I had to find out more.  So I decided to contact them and Eddie Lehecka, President of Attack The Music was happy to take some questions about the event.

What is Attack The Music?

Eddie Lehecka: Attack The Music is an independent record label started in 2013 by 3 longtime friends (Eddie Lehecka, Matt Mirkovich, Corey Prasek) based out of California that focuses on promoting electronic music from acts all around the world. We have a very strong connection to the Japanese music industry and market, so much of our work is influenced by their culture and sound.

What is Syngery and how did it start?

EL: Synergy is a party that occurs every year at Anime Central in Rosemont, IL normally on Friday night of the convention. Its origins go back to 2007 when Eddie worked with Anime Central to bring DJ CHUCKY, M-Project, and NO+CHIN out for their Saturday night Soap Bubble party. In 2008 Eddie tied these bookings in with a CD distribution business he was running with another friend at the time and started a year party called “HARDCORE SYNERGY”. In 2010, Matt & Corey joined the team and the format of the event has been evolving to support a wider range of genres ever since. Synergy is the result of that evolution, featuring lineups that run the gamut from hardcore to trap to future bass and more.

How did Crunchyroll Anime Central and you all partner up to host it and to live stream it?

EL: We contacted Crunchyroll shortly before the convention started with the idea and that was essentially all it took. Anime Central provides the venue for the party, so they accommodated our tech needs, we tested everything out on site, and announced it all upon making sure it all worked. Streaming is something we have discussed for previous years but have always been kind of leery about for a number of reasons. This year many of the DJs were very supportive of the idea so we decided to run with it.

I know that there was a bit of a mishap during the original day of Synergy with the fire alarm, how quickly were you able to recover from that issue?

EL: We can’t speak too in depth about the issue itself, but thanks to the relationship we have with Anime Central and the people running their events it really wasn’t that difficult to bounce back from it. There are measures in place to make sure that even in the event of something like a fire alarm that things can be up and running in a timely manner. The only real delay after the situation with the alarm was cleared up was due to us having to make a decision on how to move forward. The result was Synergy switching nights with the Soap Bubble.

One of the things that I felt was a miss was the fact that there were no recordings that could be played for later. One of the things that Ultra Music Festival (a major EDM concert) normally does is allow their DJs to get the footage later and then place them for their own Youtube page. Is there any possibility of seeing that in the future for Synergy?

EL: Well, Ultra is a much larger event than we are with significantly more funding and partnerships with many major labels. When dealing with broadcasting an event that focuses on music you have to be aware of and make sure to take care of any public performance licensing costs that may be involved, which we’re sure they able to do. That being said, if the opportunity to make recordings available long term ever becomes available to us we would love to make it happen. Our goal in holding these events is to make music available to people and promote the DJs we bring out every year, and it would be a really great way to do that.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

EL: We hope that anyone who was able to tune in this year enjoyed the event, and we’re already starting to make plans for next year! We’ll also be doing a smaller scale event in cooperation with Touhoucon in Anaheim, CA this September.

To find out more about the event and more about Attack The Music on their website, Facebook and on Twitter on @atkthemusic


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