Comic Alliance Investigates Denver Comic Con’s Women in Comics Pannel

by AJ Adejare

(Via Denver Comic Con Twitter)

Normally, when a panel saying “Women in Comics” appears on the schedule.  You would expect women to be on the panel.  That was not the case at Denver Comic Con.  Comic Alliance investigated this incident after Christy (under the Twitter handle GeekyChristy) discovered that the panel did not have any women.  Looking further into the panel, the guest said that because of the late addition, they could not get women into the panel.  This is a rarity for panels as Janelle Asselin was on the panel last year with close to 12 women on on the panel.  It seems like Denver Comic Con after this issue arranged a separate panel at the last moment as per this tweet, but the name damage was done.

Ultimately, Asselin nails the issue with the right tone:

It’s not that we must limit the discussions of these groups of people only to those in the group — after all, allies are an important part of the conversation — but marginalized voices should be included in a conversation about anything and everything that affects them, including history. No matter how much research I did, I would not feel comfortable speaking with authority even on the role of non-white characters in comics, because I would lack a great deal of context about what it’s like to live as a person of color.

Via Comic Alliance 


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