Charapedia Asks Users What Anime Would They Watch on Their Death Bed

by AJ Adejare

Well this topic is morbid.  Charapedia recently asked its users what anime series they would want watch on their death bed.  Under the question “What anime do you want to be watching during the final moment of the last day of your life?”, they had 10,000 responses with over 50% male and the age range spanning predominately from 10 – 29 (not really good age separation but good age range).  Here’s what we can glean from this information:

Classics do matter: One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Gintama all from Shonen Jump and all highly regarded ranked in the the poll.

Age does matter: Age separation would have been amazing as it could have told a lot more.  With that being said a lot of anime series clocking in post 2005 and even some in the 2010 all place

Women and men love their caterbait and panderbears : Uta no Prince-sama and K-On had a major gender split.   Uta no Prince-sama had all of their votes come from females, while a vast majority of K-On voters were male.

Go check out the link for the rankings including the number one spot which makes sense, if you’re of a certain age or if you cater to the Otaku demographic.

Via RocketNews24


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