Jaden Smith Might Be Static Shock as per Tyler James Williams

by AJ Adejare

Walking Dead and Everybody Hates Chris actor Tyler James Williams may have let something slip during his talks with Flicks and the City.  Williams discussed about the lack of black super heroes during his interview when he name dropped Jaden Smith as Static.  The following is a rough transcription:

Williams: There aren’t many…young black comic book superheroes.  Uhmm..

Off-Screen voice: Static Shock

Off-screen voice: Spiderman?

Williams: I don’t know what you’re talking about.(Smiling)

Off-screen laughter

Williams: Umm uh but yeah no it’s great to see Static Shock is happening Jaden[Smith] and umm and we’ll see what happens which way Marvel decides to go with umm Spiderman.

Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III, and John Paul Leon create Virgil Hawkins and Static for Milestone in June 1993. The Milestone original character came to the mainstream scenes with everyone during the cartoon Static Shock  The series ran for a successful 52 episodes culminating in an excellent season finale.  Once Milestone wound down, Static transferred over to the DC Universe with other Milestone characters.

Jaden Smith however, has not faired as well into the mainstream.  Taking part in the lackluster Karate Kid reboot as well as the forgettable After Earth, people have known him for more of his off-beat tweets and off-beat Batman prom clothing.

Watch the full interview here and start to shudder in terror of what might happen if this move doesn’t work out.  In it he also talks about how he would want a Miles Morales Spiderman but is understandable about the crank out and how Marvel may want to go in the safe direction of Peter Parker:

Via Comic Book


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