Love comes in all shapes and sizes this season on Crunchyroll

by Amanda Cancelmo

**Warning, there will most likely be a few spoilers in this overview of My Love Story!! episodes 1-7**

The OTP of OTP’s… sorry NaruHina

Ore Monogatari!! from the get-go looks like a weirdly drawn romantic comedy about a super tall guy falling in love with a normal sized girl. It is, and its FANTASTIC. The show dances along a fine line between comedy, and real life relationship struggles (ya, sometimes there’s struggles people. Not that I would know…stop it.). But I feel to fully understand the series in all its glory, you need to take it from the top.

THAT is how you deal with train-gropers Japan.

Takeo Gouda is an almost 8 foot tall freshman in high school who, unfortunately, isn’t the prettiest of boys in his grade. While not popular with the girls because of his appearance, the boys idolize him for his manly feats and gentlemanly conduct. His best friend, Makoto “Suna” Sunakawa, has always been a pretty boy making him ultra-popular with the girls, though he shows absolutely no interest in any of them. The two friends board a train home, where Takeo spies a man attempting to grope a schoolgirl and quickly confronts the man by putting him in a headlock and dragging his gross-ass to the police station. The girl, Rinko Yamoto, accompanies them to the station in order to help testify against the groper, grateful that Takeo came to her aid. The man tries to talk his way out of the charges, insulting Rinko in the process, earning him a well deserved face full of Takeo’s fist.

But, being its a police station and he just decked a man, Takeo gets suspended from school.

On suspension Takeo spends most of the day in his room (I assume because he doesn’t have any old women to help cross the street or stray cat to feed) until Suna shows up with the notes from class. The two are soon greeted by an unexpected visitor that thrills Takeo: Rinko. She comes baring a cheesecake and many many “thank you”s for the two, though Takeo begins to suspect she may have eyes for Suna. Its almost sad, watching him completely accept that this girl he helped is into his friend, because why wouldn’t she like Suna? Suna is pretty and cool and Takeo’s just a big oaf that scares people.

Before anyone reading this gets to emotional, I promise its okay. Trust me. Its going to be okay. Okay?

After Suna and Rinko leave, Takeo discovers a pink cell phone that clearly is not his. When he picks up the phone after it buzzes, a once again thankful Rinko set up a place and time to return the forgotten phone.  From this point on, the three frequently hang out and eat delicious baked goods Rinko makes on an almost daily basis, and one time Takeo saves Rinko from a steel beam falling on her (you know, just chillin’).  Suddenly, when Rinko asks if her and Takeo could hang out without Suna there, Takeo assumes that shes finally ready to ask for advice on how to approach his attractive friend, but when he offers said advice it sends Rinko running off in tears.

Lets scare the first girl in your life that likes you to death, thats a solid plan!

Takeo of course assumes that heart-throb Suna has broken another girls heart and goes to confront him, only to be met with a nice big cup of “dude she likes you not me isn’t it obvious”-soup. In the midst of Suna trying to explain to his friend what feelings he’s missing, Rinko unexpectedly shows up, sending Takeo into hiding.

Thankfully Suna is a true friend and really helps work everything out between the two hopeless lovebirds.

The story doesn’t quite end there.

 Takeo strives to treat his girl right, even promising that he wouldn’t lay a finger on her until she was all grown up. Good for you Takeo, good for you. Amidst the almost perfect relationship between Takeo and Rinko, inevitably there are a few bumps and stumbling points along the way for them: Friends, Communication, and Insecurity.

Meeting Rinko’s friends for the first time on a group date, Takeo has to endure some of Rinko’s closest friends insulting him, which deeply upsets Rinko far more then it upsets him. Though, after he saves those friends from a burning building, they quickly find themselves a lot more thankful for him being “to strong”. Before asking “what does “to strong” even mean, remember these are 16 year old girls and trying to figure out 16 year old girls is sort of like trying to understand why Fall Out Boy is touring with Wiz Khalifa or why Hestia has a ribbon that holds up her boobs. No one knows. No one.

Theres the Judo training that takes Takeo away from Rinko for almost a month, putting a strain on their relationship when the two do not see each other as often as they did. Takeo’s concern for her safety at night makes him promptly tell her to stay away from his practices, which because he is dense, he doesnt explain why and Rinko sadly takes that as “I dont want to see you.”

Rinko becomes a bit more distant, and Takeo begins to worry about her. Suna and his sister Ai, recently back from college, go to investigate. Turns out, Rinko is super impure and wants to do stuff like… hold hands and snuggle (this has taken its place in my heart as the most Japanese thing I’ve ever read) Shes a monster, and is afraid Takeo will not like her anymore. After some coaxing from Suna and Ai, Rinko goes to tell him all about her terrible impurity.

I wont spoil much of it there, but pretty much by the end of the episode 6 you are left feeling pretty close to:

Overall you end up laughing just as much as you do hunched over cheering the two on. Episode seven came out 5/20, meaning we are halfway through the series for the season. Hopefully it is picked back up either in fall or next year in spring once more in order to continue this awesomely strange love story.


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