Chelsea Clinton is releasing a Children’s Book

by AJ Adejare


Chelsea Clinton just announced that she is creating a children’s book.  Scheduled for September 15, 2015, the book is called It’s Your World and Penguin Books will publish the book.  At a younger age, Chelsea saw the book and became inspired to do more.  Now she wants to return the favor.  As she said in the quote:

My hope is that this book will show you that you [kids] can start making a difference now on issues you care about, in your own way, for your family, your community, and our world.

Knowing that, we want have some questions about this book:

  • What art style will it have?
  • Will there be tons of illustrations and will it contain metaphors for conservative politics in a negative light?
  • Will she consult those knowledgeable in gender orientation, sexual orientation when depicting these people?  What about ethnicity and in religion?
  • Will there be subliminal messaging about having said kids vote for Hilary Clinton or become a Democrat?
  • Finally will it teach kids that it’s their world, that if they get informed, get inspired, and get going they can do great things?

Via Penguin Books


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