Animation is Now a Boy Scout Badge

by AJ Adejare

(Via Seattle BSA)

Boy Scout of America just announced their newest badge: animation.  The 136th badge, developed by guidance with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) will test the scouts in animation history and terminology.  Coming along with the badge will be a new format for acquiring the badge.  They can either do it digitally or through print with the digital version accessible through internet capable devices.

In a prepared statement, Tony Stanley, Scout leader and animation professional talked about the necessity of the badge:

“The merit badge is a great addition to the BSA program as it teaches youth the basics of animation from seasoned experts – and that’s hard to come by for youth at this age. Just like any other STEM career, it’s important for kids to gain hands-on experience to understand their passions and guide their career path.”

Now, that the Boy Scouts have it, the Girl Scouts need to follow.  Animation is for everyone and getting girls into animation would be great.  Also, have both scouts hook me up with popcorn and cookies.   Finally, don’t you think Russell would do this badge to Up his collection?

(Via PR Newswire)


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