Pixar aiming to diversify their characters

by AJ Adejare

John Lasseter, chief creative office of Disney-Pixar ,talked to The Guardian about the push for diversity in both Disney and Pixar.  In this talk at the Canes International Film Festival, The Guardian posed a question asking about the future of African decent character lead in a future movie.  His response is below:

“It’s very important for us – both at Pixar and at Disney – to have female, ethnic characters,” he said. “That’s grown in importance over time. We’re really paying attention to that”.

While people will be quick to quip, keep in mind this move is just as ethical as it is financial.  Home brought home (ahem) over $300 million (USD) and gave a boost to Dreamworks.  It especially brought in a diverse demographic as Variety noted “22% was African-American and 15% was Hispanic” from the box office alone which, considering the trend of American demographics, will play a key part in the future.  So it make sense that when a person comes up with a new property featuring a diverse main character, such as Sanjay’s Super Team, they take advantage of it.  That way, while raking in money, they can have characters of all races, genders, etc. can relate to emotionally.  So say it with me, diversity equals diverse money.

Via The Guardian


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