Viz Media gets Dreamworks Animation Exec

by AJ Adejare

Viz Media has a new Chief Marketing Officer, and he comes from Dreamworks Animation.   Brian Woods will fufil the role as CMO at Viz Media taking charge of expanding the marketing presence.  His goal to help push the Viz Media brand to all marketing channels and develop product strategies for the company.  He lead marketing initiatives at Dreamworks for properties such as How to Train your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. In a prepared statement Woods states, “I am very excited to build upon VIZ Media’s mission to offer exciting and unique multimedia content to a diverse global audience…Our dynamic catalog of titles across the print, digital, broadcast, and mobile arenas will allow us to reinvent how consumers discover, enjoy, and interact with our properties on a truly global level.”

Via (PR Newswire)

To me, this move for Woods is all of the above and more.  Look at Edge of Tomorrow as to the major hint.  While it had a decent presence to anime fans and had well received reviews, it did lukewarm at the box office.  His presence may help bolster the adaptation of different properties, have them done right, and marketed correctly to make sure all fans get their butts to the seats for the movie.  So yeah, maybe we’ll get a 2020 Sailor Moon live action?

Via The Street via Pr Newswire


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