Warcraft Orc Previewed

by AJ Adejare

(Via Wired and Legendary Pictures)

Yes, Warcraft and WoW fans, you can say wow (how original).  This image of Orgrim a CGI orc from the Warcraft movie came from Wired’s exclusive talk.  In it, they detail how the Orc came to be and how because of new technology the creation of the orc is possible with the combined efforts of with Blizzard Entertainment’s input. The movie comes out June 10, 2016 but after looking at this image, I wish it was sooner.  Also, I wish I would remember to note that 3 Warcraft video games came out before the titan MMO, World of Warcraft, came thus I shoudl not use the term World of Warcraft, as the actual movie title and instead user Warcraft.

Via Wired


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