Ever feel out of place? Maybe you’re just CG

CG enhanced animation has been around for some time, from Golgo 13’s beautiful rendition of what we can assume is a helicopter, to current and upcoming series fans are drooling over as we speak. It helps free studios from huge burdens on its animators that have to deal with heavy movement scenes like battles or just the crazy moving bits on Howl’s Moving Castle.

Golgo 13’s 3d Helicopter via 1983
Gundam the Origin: Blue Eyed Casval’s Guntank via 2015


But, no matter how far we have come its still going to look about the same as it did back in Golgo. A little bit awkward



So even right now, 30+ years between the two the two 3d models and you can still tell something is slightly off. Granted, the Guntank looks much more fitting for its place, but that’s only because its not moving. With CG becoming more commonplace in anime and cartoons in general, how long will it be before the slight eyesores begin to swallow up its old hand drawn counterparts? Because believe me, watch the trailer below and tell me the Gundams (and trees) do not look completely out of place.



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