JANiCA Publishes Average Wages of Animators

by AJ Adejare

Bad news anime fans: the finances of animators for Japanese animation are not good.  Info has come out for the average wages one would expect for the animation industry from JANiCA The Japan Animation Creators Association.  The association detailed the average wage for workers coming in roughly $27,689(USD) at while the most seen wages have a pay of about $33,000(USD). The most highly paid person is the directors which makes south of $54,000 (USD) while 2nd Key Animators make less than $10,000 (USD) on average.  From there, the average work times tend to hover between 8-12 hours with the vast amount of respondents indicating they either work 8-10 hours or 10-12 hours.

A user at Anime News Network called “cookie” also found some other details.  From what cookie describes, animators have a bachelor(ette) lifestyle as many of them are not married, do not have kids and live alone.

Maybe the animators should do themselves a favor and talk pay.  If they can start to see how much each one makes they can now aid in getting better paychecks.   Maybe Shirobako’s second season can delve into that as well.

Via Anime News Network


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