Watch Jem and the Hologram’s Live Action Trailer

by AJ Adejare

Buzzfeed Entertainment recently got an exclusive trailer to Jem and the Hologram’s live action movie on Universal.  The concept: Jerrica has a beautiful voice, but no one except her sister Kimber notices it.  So Kimber decides to recorder her in secret and upload it to the net. Jerrica gets discovered by a major record company (Justin Beiber what’s up) and then is whisked away into changing her image into Jem.  But will her change take her too far and stray her away from her family? That’s what the video below asks

To be blunt, it just looks bland and generic.  Compared to it’s cartoon counterpart, it feels like it turned down a more interesting and arguably “campy” (the Buzzfeed’s article not mine) feel to the movie.  Reading the Wikipedia page, it also seems like it turned down it’s soul for money.

Let’s hope this movie is not defined by its “sold out” trailer.

Via Buzzfeed


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