Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has a Bizarre History with its Release

by AJ Adejare

Via (Crunchyroll)

Okay, work with me here.  So Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure first season is coming out on DVD.  That listing came out on Rightstuf a couple of weeks back as a sub DVD release.  Nothing out of the normal, unless you notice the publisher.  The publisher is simply Warner (which we assume is Warner Bros.) and Viz Media is the only one notably who uses Warner.

Except they don’t have the rights as confirmed by Anime News Network.  So then things get a bit weirder.

The DVD listings updates from a sub to now having both sub and dub for the release but the main publisher is still Warner. A test dub was done last year with Richard Epcar, Matthew Mercer,  and Patrick Seitz playing Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, and Dio respectively but nothing came out of it..

We are left with more questions such such who’s the distributor, who’s in the dub, or who’s mastering the DVD, but we will keep you updated.

Via Anime News Network 1 2


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