G. Willow Wilson Nails the Issue with Lepore’s article on A Force

by AJ Adejare

The highly reputable New Yorker recently had Dr. Jill Lepore talk about the first issue of the A Force comic.    In the article, she delves into what particularly turns her away from the comics from the depiction of women to just how confusing the setup is.  Needless to say, some people were slightly taken aback by the article including G. Willow Wilson one of the creators of A Force.

Wilson decided to make a pointed response on her article.  Wilson states correctly that Lepore not only makes these comments without context, but she then doesn’t offer a solution.  Moreover, while they both want better representation of women in comics, Leopre’s method of addressing comes off as a disservice to both the past work done as well as the future work done.  I think this quote sums it up best from Wilson:

I have been a little cheeky thus far, so let me close by saying that I imagine Dr. Lepore and I want the same thing: better, more nuanced portrayals of women in pop culture. What I don’t understand is why someone in her position would, from her perch a thousand feet up in the ivory tower, take pot shots at those of us who are in the trenches, doing exactly that.

Mind you, this quote, while awesome, isn’t has hard hitting as it is when placed in entire context of her response.

The A Force comic is a cross over event where females super heroes assemble to create their own team during the events of Marvel’s cross over event Secret Wars.

Via G. Willow Wilson’s Twitter


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