Camarena makes a mean Venom Cake

Don’t mind me, just here drooling on this cake.

by AJ Adejare

When I saw this cake on Facebook, I freaked out in amazement.  A friend of mine connected me to the person who did the cake and great enough, it’s a local (to me) baker named Irma M. Camarena.   Camarena bakes for both Shop Rite at Mullica Hill, NJ and Jim Mains Bakery at Vineland, NJ.  Contacting her, Camarena quickly chatted with me on how she made these artistic cake:

I basically carved the cake and just piped icing on top and then just carved the icing started molding it with a spatula and then i used the airbrush. I graduated from an art school so i kinda felt like i was painting it.

She also made the following Joker cake from Batman:

And Ultron recently from Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Yes, she’s good and maybe one day if you’re in the South Jersey area you’ll request for her to make an awesome cake.  Just make sure to take pictures and appreciate the artistry before eating.  I know I will.

Hat tip to Devon Foster

Note: Fixed a misspelling of Jim Mains Bakery

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