Toonami Keeps Silent on Acquisitions During Adult Swim’s Upfront

by AJ Adejare

Adult Swim had their upfront for content this past week.  To clarify, an upfront is an advertising media briefing where companies lay out reasons for advertisers and brands to spend their money on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.  While we had a lot of info on Adult Swim content, there was an interesting tidbit: No Toonami news.  This non-leak makes sense as Jason DeMacro tends and emphases secrecy when it comes to Toonami’s line up.   Also of note, Space Dandy also shows up meaning one day we will see a rerun of the show.  With that said, here are the shows scheduled to return to Toonami. Note since Adult Swim does not produce the content in full they count as acquisition content:

New Acquisition:

Kill La Kill

Sword Art Online II

Returning Acquisitions:

Attack On Titan

Inuyasha: The Final Act

King Of The Hill (Heh not really)

Naruto: Shippuden

Space Dandy

Via Adult Swim Press Release


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