Splatoon Global Test Fire Impressions

by AJ Adejare

Splatoon, the 3rd Person shooter from Nintendo recently did a global Testfire.  Think of it as a public beta that had designated times for people to jump in and play.  After playing for an hour straight, here are my impressions.

Gameplay wise, the testfire only allowed one type of gameplay. As demos showed before, it’s cover up the map with the most paint to win. Going to the map and played multiple match with multiple different weapons on a general level I search appreciate how forgiving it was for deaths. Unlike with a lot of shooters, deaths can be a major penalty against you.  For Splatoon it says don’t worry about it. With that in mind I had even more five it allowed me to be more exploratory and focus more on the tactic of covering a map and just take it out people.  Handing it off to my siblings they both enjoyed playing the testfire, getting themselves into the mix, although they still had some of the tendencies you would see with 3rd person shooters when losing.  They also seem to have fun though and in that moment it was the point where I admired it not having a voice chat.

What inflection wise I tried out all except the Splatgun junior. Each one of these weapons has your own unique style.  The one I liked was the Splattershot.  While it has a regular cover range, I felt it fit my style of speed to cover.  Speaking of speed to cover, having the ink be speed system as a squid is a great touch.  Have you balance out between your ink and your opponents’, getting faste recharging your ink, while taking a penalty for landing in your opponent’s ink, felt intuitive.  To me that mechanic single-handedly communicated to the essence of the game: it can be a fun and hardcore experience at the same time a casual playing affair. I think this feeling this will ultimately seal the deal for a a lot of players coming from different backgrounds.

Voice chat is going to be an interesting thing with Splatoon.  While casual players will probably not mind using it, I could not help but think that it would’ve been a great feature to add on for the gameplay. With that being said unlike in the early 2000s there are a ton of chat clients that can easily help you out. By doing his design choice, they put the onus on who you play with with yourself, emphasizing that who you keep as company is what’s going to dictate your fun rather than who you get picked with. On one hand I can see the issue: it’s immature, it doesn’t really help out, and at the end of the day if you want to play this game with dedicated fans it is going to be hard try to negotiate a talk with them. On the other hand:  when you have younger children, or you’re a mature adult just wants to have fun and not want to hear people cursing hurling insults and that coming from all ages and walks of life: silence is golden.

One thing that I’ve personally noted is the motion control handling. The controls felt at times a little bit unstable. Many times I would try directing the camera properly only forward to feel a little bit loose. When I mean by lose I mean the slightest bit of movement would absolutely give a sense of uncontrollable movement. While I was playing I had to sensitivity on normal for motion control.  Alternatively switching a motion controls off at using the stick I felt at times it was a bit stiff. While I was going to ride issuing sometimes I followed that I didn’t have enough control or me mental fog use the stick properly in order to control. The interesting thing about the controls that it made me want to use the Wii remote.  I feel that if I was using the Wii remote I would be able to get the right control for the camera the shooting and everything else that would make split to really immersive for me.

Overall, Splatoon feels more of a casual/party shooter than a hardcore shooter.


While many may feel that it is a negative, the ability to actually care more about anything besides killing people and the ease of access will help to draw anyone and everyone who’s interested in playing the game to it.  Moreover, it will have deeper mechanics as we get more people playing and as the meta game evolves.  Just look at Super Smash Bros (Melee, Brawl and 4) as where it’s heading. For those not caring about that, it will be a great distractor that emphasizes having fun in other ways besides killing opponents.  For gaming and for a lot of non-gamers maybe Splatoon is the game we never wanted but we needed for the genre.

Edit: Did some typo and word clarification tune up.


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