Lance Heiskell Leaves Funimation After 12 Years

by AJ Adejare

(Via Mashable)

End of an era.  Lance Heiskell, Director of Corporate Strategy for Funimation, is leaving the company after 12 years.  Known for running the convention circuit as well as occasionally popping up on forums to talk anime, he served the company in multiple capacities as a brand manager (both junior and senior) until rising to the Director of Corporate strategy where he stood for almost three years.  He will instead focus on running TexasBrosBBQ full time which sells Texas barbecue spices made by his father and Uncle.

He however does not plan to step away from the anime community. Instead he is continuing his work on Anime Nostalgia Bomb where he catalogs anime fandom from years past in magazine as well as video.

While it may sound elegiac, Lance always came off as a nice compassionate guy during his tenure at Funimation.  In fact, when I did press for the now defunct MangaBullet, he worked with me to get me into the Funimation panels so I could report back the information.  I for one am happy that he’s doing what he always wanted to do and will still contribute to the anime fandom.

Via Lance Heiskell’s Facebook


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