How Old Has Issues with Animation Faces

by AJ Adejare

One craze that’s starting to bubble up on the internet is Microsoft’s How Old an engine to detect faces and guess their age and their gender.  While a lot of people decided, we decided to investigate how it works on different series.

First Steven Universe

Yeah, that face is appropriate for it not being able to find stuff.

Next, Something more fun with Kill La Kill

Okay, also nothing.

The Boondocks?

Aww man!  Rats.  Now let’s try 3D with Dreamwork’s Home.

Huh, we got something though missed the mark by half her age, she’s really 12.

Finally, Frozen:

While they missed the genders, they’re awfully close about the age.  From IMDB Hanz and Kristoff being male, Anna is 18, Kristoff and Elsa are 21 and Hans is 23.

We attached a gallery to go check out some of the other character including Gravity Falls and Sword Art Online.  Any requests?  Leave them down below.  Also you can go learn more at this website detailing how the How Old Bot works.


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