Anime has Quality Issues Between TV And Disk

by AJ Adejare

Via (My Anime List)

For the anime community, quality is often times  RocketNews24 recently showed some picture and safe to say, they’re damning. For instance inGonna Be The Twin Tail(Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu) there are some major points where artists put in objects to act as stand-ins for the reanimation.  With Mekakucity Actors it’s even worst as you have a major drop in between TV and DVD animation.   Let’s not talk about Sailor Moon Crystal which failed to correct its mistakes post airing.  Word of advice to Japan: stop doing this method now.  Seriously, stop.  It makes no sense to try and perpetuate it only for maybe getting more DVD sale.  Worst off, it makes your product less attractive to those who are interested because it shows a lack of care on your end of the animation.

Via Rocketnews24


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