Microsoft Build 2015 Info: For Animation and Graphic Novel Fans

by AJ Adejare

Are you an anime fan, a comics fan?  Love cartoons, or manga?  Wondering about what the heck is BUILD and why is it important to you?

Build is a developer conference specifically tailored to Microsoft and their products so the applications you see tomorrow can be developed today without developers having to run around with their heads cut off when developing.

With that being said let’s get down to the three important details:

Windows 10 will have tools to port Android and iOS apps.

(Via The Verge)

Microsoft is now creating a method that allows Android and iOS developers to port their apps to Windows 10.  The process will have Microsoft include APIs that can act as a substitute for Google and Apple’s own APIs.  To learn more about API’s read ReadWrite’s explainer which should help define it.  The short of it: Microsoft wants to port the apps you see on iOS and Android to Windows using Microsoft’s code substitutes to make it feel like a Windows 10 app.

This move is a fundamental shift in app development for Windows Phone users if done correctly.  If you’re rocking a Nokia because of it being cheap and not an AndroiOS (that’s Android and iOS) device, you may get more apps coming your way.  Imagine playing Love Live, Puzzle and Dragons or Terra Battle on your Lumia device (or your flagship Windows 10 phone) instead of having to buy an iPhone or even a Samsung S6.  More importantly, Snapchat, may finally come which now means that you don’t have to go hunting for 3rd party options and maybe even Periscope and Meerkat will come on down.  That’s the major promise that Microsoft wants to push with this initiative.

Microsoft Edge, you can see the post here for more info.  An interesting set of tibits:

1. It will be able to use extentions from both Safari and Chrome for the web browser.

2. This is the logo.


Let’s talk HoloLense.  HoloLense is an Augmented Reality device that demoed earlier in the year.  This time however, Microsoft decided to show the device in proper.  As multiple demo showed, there were places where Hololense could project images right in front of you creating a sense of extended reality with the device.  Having a robot that can move around with the sensor from your device can make the entire device use more interactive.  Seeing the human body and being able to interact with it may also be a possibility.  Finally, Unity, the game engine, will be coming to Hololense to fill out gaming.

Yes, it means that if and that’s a major if, developers work hard and find the right ways to create it, we may finally be able to make that JARVIS clone from Iron Man (though not really), but also allow you to finally have that virtual husbando (or waifu) you always wanted.  More over, we may see developer create AR Board games or use them to extend it to other ways of gaming.  I would suggest Minecraft, but Microsoft already has you covered with that.

 (Via Slashgear)

Mind you, these ideas all sit on the idea of hope, praying that developers take full advantage of what’s there. Maybe just maybe Microsoft can finally give it to us.

Via The Verge 1 2  CNETWinbeta, The Next Web and Read/Write


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