JAniCA reveals low wages of entry level animators

by AJ Adejare

If Shirobako encourages you to enter the anime industry, you may want to put that on pause.  JAniCA, (Japan Animation Creators Association) along with Japanese government conducted a study into the wages and living status of Japanese workers.  It looks very bleak.  Entry level animators made $9,200 (USD), well below poverty level in 2012, according to the numbers by Center for Poverty Center.  While the number maybe higher for those in upper positions, no data was supplied in the study.

The reason: outsourcing to other countries as well as contractor work.  Because these two sources are more willing to take a lower pay, the wages generally will be lowered, the report supposes.  In 2009 similar data and results came out by JAniCA as well suggesting this issue is not just a blip in the system.  It will be interesting to see how they work to appreciate the wages as if it keeps up, the industry maybe heading into a negative feedback loop.

Via Anime News Network


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