Obama Thanks Japan for Anime

by AJ Adejare

Obama thanked Japan for anime.   That’s awesome.  In this video above, while talking about other political matters President Barack Obama thanked Prime Minster Shinzo Abe for anime, as well as Karaoke and other things Japan donated to American culture. Watch the video above, then go look at the comments below.  The most golden comment on the first page belongs to massoluk:

GOP will be like, “why won’t Obama support American, like Nickelodeon?” Dem be like “We like Air Bender, fools!” GOP be like “That’s anime too! You apologists!” Dem be like “9/10 scientist agreed, Air Bender isn’t anime. Science is our side!” GOP be like “Fuck your science, Ben 10 is Jesus’s choice!”

Via NeoGaf

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