I Dropped Punchline This Spring 2015

By AJ Adejare

Gags: The gags got really dry.  The same trick twice with the kitty porn really was poor.  Immediately I laughed the first time but I felt the joke was done.  To have it jump again, wasn’t as good or well thought out.   The pregnancy gag in Episode 3 really was predictable and made me roll my eyes. These things are funny, but in dosages and I felt that I was overdosing on the gags and comedy aspects.   One thing that it does have going is Cinnamon, but it feels like a throwaway and the characters even acknowledge it.  Chiranosuke, the talking ghost cat, verbally shrugs at why it works and I actually thought that to be funny.  If there were more self-aware comments like that sprinkled into the series, maybe I would still be watching it.

Panty shots: While the premise of panty shots seems interesting and good enough for fan service, it really comes off as boring.  Having him constantly go off for each one and trying to avoid it, feels exhaustive as an effort.  While I would have liked to see it used as a power, it really just feels like ways to constantly tell fans “See, see here’s a panty gag you’ll all love”.

Character development:  While there’s a lot going on, I didn’t feel as much of a connection with the characters.  While Rabura seems like a nice down on her luck woman, I feel that it’s not enough to hook me.  The same feeling came with Ito Hikiotani and her backstory.  Her NEET history and her father background in the episode didn’t connect all that much and felt like with all anime “Oh I’ll add in this!” instead of letting the story go forward. Meika Daihatsu seemed more to go on what made her, and yet her story really didn’t touch me all that much.  I think while it’s cute she’s trying to learn hand stands in effort to remember her grandfather, that’s not enough to make me stay.  Mikatan Narugino is interesting with her persona Strange Juice (which I Kanye Shrug at the name) but she feels more on the generic side of anime series as the regular character.  As for Yūta Iridatsu, the main character, meh, he does nothing for me.  I’ve seen and know this type of anime character far too long to know that I’m not going to like him if I feel like I’m wasting my time watching him.

At the end of the day, I think it will be a great series, once dubbed or maybe even when I want to marathon something.  However, I can’t commit to something like Punchline as this season goes on. Subtitles tend to take an immense time to watch as I cannot throw it in the background and I feel like if I’m going to watch something that takes that much intensity, it should be on something that I care about.  Punchline as of right now I do not care about.  Maybe it will become better and I’ll jump back in once the hype goes nuclear.

With that said, Muihi is by far the best character on the show.


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