Sony Pictures, Level Up to a Nintendo Superstar Movie

by AJ Adejare

VG24/7 recently detailed the efforts of Sony Picture’s quest for Video Game moives.  In the letters back and forth, Sony Pictures went after Mario, Zelda, and the like for projects such as a Super Smash Bros movie.    Going for major intellectual properties dear to Nintendo may seem awesome but Sony really was out of their league.

Legend of Zelda has an interesting history.  People will immediately think of the Zelda CDI, but the IGN April Fools Pranks had many people on ears.  When the Netflix TV show rumor came out, it was the talk of the town until Nintendo squashed it.  Yet, Nintendo’s been quiet about using their properties.  Unless handled in their way, no way can you get away with Legend of Zelda.  Another flaw: A Pokemon movie.  To be blunt: there’s tons of them out there with Ash and now it’s not only Nintendo but The Pokemon Company you have to fight.  Nope.

Heh, let’s not even talk about Mario IPs, as it’s known that Wreck it Ralph, a Disney IP, had to settle for Bowser because the pricing was too high not to mention Nintendo’s control.  Or the unmentionable.

To be honest, they should instead go for smaller properties and work their way up.  For instance Fire Emblem.  It’s one of their smaller titles (not really), it’s core really likes it, and it’s catchy enough to ride Game of Thrones wile giving them leeway to create a great story.  That property could, with proper build up, be their Iron Man to Smash Bros Avengers.  By playing it out it would actually do great works.

What about Punch out or Wave Race (which could be interesting).  Star Fox (eh too big), or Golden Sun?  All these IPs, easily obtainable compared to Smash and Mario and they may easily could do better than Mario.

Instead Sony is climbing a mountain for their IP.

What do you think?


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